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Diagnostic Evaluation

Book a diagnostic evaluation to find out if you have a mental health disorder. A comprehensive clinical diagnostic evaluation will identify if you have a clinical or personality disorder. The Millon Multiaxial Clinical Inventory (MMCI-IV) Interpretive report has 190 questions and generates a 10-page diagnostic report. PsychologyDr has dozens of clinical assessments. Your assessment can be customized based on your needs. Prioritize your mental health; book this vital evaluation today for clarity, direction, and a tailored approach to your well-being. 

This evaluation is great for individuals who are in a drug or alcohol treatment program and are referred from parole or probation to be assessed by a forensic psychologist to determine if there is any other impairment. Evaluations include a one-page summary of findings. Book a diagnostic evaluation for a differential diagnosis or a second opinion. Most individuals go through 7 different trials of medication only to find out they were not diagnosed properly or misdiagnosed. Get an accurate diagnosis before you see a psychiatrist or begin psychotherapy.



Book a virtual consultation with a licensed clinical forensic psychologist. Consultations are tailored for attorneys, individuals, or government entities. Secure your session to gain invaluable insights and recommendations that can be instrumental in shaping your case strategies and understanding the intricacies of how a forensic psychologist can impact your case. Consultations are not free and require an appointment. All cases are reviewed and a consultation is required to determine if PsychologyDr will take your legal case. 

A 30-minute consultation can be booked as a telephone call or a virtual session.