Criminal Evaluations

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Court-ordered criminal evaluations are provided to defendants in custody across the United States. The following is a list of the most commonly requested evaluations in this domain:

Competency to Stand Trial: Assesses whether a defendant has the mental capacity to understand and participate in legal proceedings.

Insanity Defense:
Determines if an individual’s mental state at the time of the offense negates their criminal responsibility.

Risk Assessment:
Assesses the likelihood of an individual engaging in future violent or criminal behavior.

Sentencing Recommendation:
Provides information on an offender’s psychological and social factors to aid in determining an appropriate sentence.

Mitigation Evaluation:
Identifies and presents mitigating factors in capital cases to influence sentencing decisions.

Identifies individuals who may be exaggerating or feigning psychological symptoms, often for legal or financial gain.

Sex Offender:
Evaluates the risk of reoffending and informs decisions regarding sex offender management and treatment

Juvenile Transfer:
Determines whether a juvenile should be transferred to adult court based on psychological and developmental factors.

Miranda Rights:
Evaluates a defendant’s ability to understand and knowingly waive their Miranda rights during police interrogations. 
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