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Forensic Psychologist Services

California Forensic Psychology is a forensic psychology consulting firm that provides forensic psychology consulting services for law firms, agencies, courts, and clients at various stages of the legal process. Our firm will assign a team of forensic psychologists to your law firm to assist you throughout the legal or trial process.

How it started: In 2022, our firm initially established operations in California and Nevada. By 2023, the organization had expanded its reach to encompass 40 states, transforming and now recognized as PsychologyDr. Currently, in a phase of growth, we are actively recruiting the world’s top forensic psychologists to deliver services across the United States.

How it’s going: In June 2024, our forensic firm will provide training and supervision for third-year doctoral students from Alliant International University in Sacramento, California. As the firm continues its expansion, applications are welcomed from post-doctoral candidates possessing expertise in forensic assessments. Interested individuals are encouraged to connect with staff on Linkedin and apply by sending their CV and cover letter to


I am a member of the Forensic Mental Health Association of California & the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association. 

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Fee Schedule

Fees: Forensic psycholegal evaluations and consultation services are $500- 1,000 per hour.

Retainers: Forensic evaluations commence at $5,000 and necessitate a non-refundable retainer upon agreement. Civil law retainers start at $20,000. For Dr. Anderson to consider your legal case, book a 60-minute consultation online. 

Testimony: Deposition and trial testimony require payment 2 weeks in advance. For trial, a 4-hour minimum ($4,000) is required for a half day and $7,000 for a full 7-hour day. See Fee agreement. 

Annual Contracts: Annual consulting contracts are generously discounted. For tailored annual consulting contracts catering to your law firm, county, or government agency, email Dr. Anderson is contracted with numerous governmental and county agencies and offers a wide variety of consultation services. 

Insurance: Forensic services are not eligible for reimbursement by any insurance company. As a result, insurance is not accepted, and payment for all services must be made before rendering.

Consultation: Consultation phone calls are not complimentary and necessitate an appointment. Clients are required to book online to schedule virtual appointments or phone calls.

Forensic Psychology Services

Frequently Asked Questions:


I do not accept insurance for my services. The nature of forensic psychology often involves specialized assessments and evaluations that may not fall within the typical coverage of insurance plans. However, I am committed to providing the highest quality care and offer competitive and transparent fee structures. If you have any specific questions about my fees or payment options, please feel free to reach out, and I will be happy to discuss them with you. 

Remotely or in-person

Evaluations typically occur remotely via DoxyME, a HIPAA-compliant software. DoxyME has on-demand interpreter services in all languages.  If a defendant is incarcerated an in-person interview can be requested. If the defendant isn’t in custody the interview can be conducted at the public defender’s office or the attorney’s office. Most jails, state hospitals and facilities allow remote evaluations.


As part of a comprehensive psychological assessment, I assess for a wide range of mental and psychological conditions, including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). These evaluations involve an in-depth interview and the use of various assessments. All psychological evaluations with testing cost $500 and include a letter to your employer, doctor, probation officer, or other health professional.

If you have specific concerns about ADD or any other mental health condition, book a psychological evaluation to discuss the process in more detail and address any questions you may have. The goal is to provide a thorough and objective assessment.

Most states, but not all (yet)

Services are provided virtually through DoxyME. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Wetterer are both licensed in Nevada and California and hold PSYPACT certificates, thus allowing them to provide services in 40 states!

A PSYPACT license allows inter-jurisdictional practice in all PSYPACT states

These states include: 

1. Alabama – AL
2. Arizona – AZ
3. Arkansas – AR
4. Colorado – CO
5. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
6. Connecticut – CT
7. Delaware – DE
8. District of Columbia – DC
9. Florida – FL
10. Georgia – GA
11. Idaho – ID
12. Illinois – IL
13. Indiana – IN
14. Kansas – KS
15. Kentucky – KY
16. Maine – ME
17. Maryland – MD
18. Michigan – MI
19. Minnesota – MN
20. Missouri – MO
21. Nebraska – NE
22. Nevada – NV
23. New Hampshire – NH
24. New Jersey – NJ
25. North Carolina – NC
26. North Dakota – ND
27. Ohio – OH
28. Oklahoma – OK
29. Pennsylvania – PA
30. Rhode Island – RI
31. South Carolina – SC
32. Tennessee – TN
33. Texas – TX
34. Utah – UT
35. Virginia – VA
36. Washington – WA
37. West Virginia – WV
38. Wisconsin – WI
39. Wyoming – WY

A comprehensive and meaningful experience

When you book an evaluation, you will receive a link to complete a comprehensive psychopathology assessment. You will complete this before the appointment. During your evaluation, we will further discuss your history, behavior, and relevant circumstances.

PsychoogyDr has a wide range of comprehensive testing and screenings, to assess for various mental illnesses, personality disorders, and other psychological conditions.

The goal of your evaluation is to provide a detailed and objective understanding of your psychological profile.

Ian Radloff
Ian Radloff
Dr. Dana is a true professional in all situations. She has the empathy and fearlessness needed to access her clients in any regard. I would be honored to work with her again.
Alexis Arceo
Alexis Arceo
Dr. Dana has been an instrumental and invaluable advisor, resource, and mentor. She has helped us grow our business and advises us on ethical matters. She is extremely caring and goes above and beyond to advocate for her clients.
Brittney Joseph
Brittney Joseph
Dr. Anderson is very insightful and knowledgeable. She is passionate about the field of forensic psychology which shows through her work and the way she describes detailed accounts of her journey. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about her role as a forensic psychologist. Dr. Anderson took time to meet with me for a student consultation for my graduate ethics class. She was personable and provided me with great feedback and knowledge. She made me think critically. I feel more confident about my ability to navigate ethical/legal dilemmas in a classroom environment.
Berica Gulbranson
Berica Gulbranson
Dr. Dana is one of the most educated, thoughtful, experienced, and caring individuals I've worked with since being pulled into to court nine years ago. Being In Pro Per and writing up my own RFO's, declarations, and Xparte motions wasn't easy, but with the help of a specialist who knows how to investigate, conduct psych evals and much more, it has made this last court date so much easier. She has helped my child and I who has experienced much trauma to know what to do to help her become much more independent and stronger. To know she has been acknowledged(awards) both domestically and abroad also brought me much comfort. In the system we have today of unqualified attorneys and evaluators in what most will say is a "broken system", there is Dr. Dana who only seeks out the truth. I highly recommend her to any parent who is having trouble navigating the system and especially in cases of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. Look at her CV as she does much much more than what I have mentioned above.
nick farnsworth
nick farnsworth
Dr. Anderson is professional and accurate. She is very informative to the level I wanted to learn.
Joe Cabibi
Joe Cabibi
I am so thankful to have been able to work with Dana! We need more healthcare professionals like her out here.
Samantha Klein
Samantha Klein
Working with Dana is such a blessing. I had the pleasure of meeting Dana in Leadership Redding, a program designed to facilitate and grow leaders in the community we live. Dana has a great prospective for life, and she always finds unique solutions to any concern. Dana is motivating and no doubt she inspires anyone she meets. It is an added bonus I also get to call her my friend. - Samantha Klein, ACSW, Therapist
james mosher
james mosher
Dana is unshakable in the most stressful of situations. Her training is insightful and practical. I definitely miss working with her.
Becky Ruiz
Becky Ruiz
Dana has been very helpful in helping me understand my illness. Before speaking with Dana I felt alone and afraid. She has made me feel like I am not alone and that because of the trauma I faced what I am feeling is normal and that it is a temporary feeling that will pass. I find that with each session I am stronger and more confident in my ability to overcome this illness.
wyatt gover
wyatt gover
I cannot express enough gratitude for the Dr. If your seeing this message please don’t ignore this and take it as a sign, that your in the right place to trust in the process, you’re here for a reason. Take the opportunity to grow.