Dive into the chilling depths of the criminal mind with experienced forensic psychologist, Dr. Dana Anderson, your guide through the shadows where crime, psychopathy, and psychology intersect. As a CEO and a respected figure in the field, Dr. Anderson brings over a decade of expertise to your headphones.

In this dark, intriguing podcast, Dr. Anderson unravels the twisted tales that lurk within crime, exploring the intricate facets of human behavior and the legal system. From psychological assessments to expert witness testimonies, she sheds light on the darkest corners of the criminal psyche, providing a unique perspective.

This podcast is more than just a journey into the minds of criminals; it’s a captivating blend of education and entertainment. Dr. Anderson’s dynamic storytelling is complemented by a dark and creepy vibe, punctuated with humor that adds a unique flavor to each episode.

Become a part of the Killer Psychologist community, a diverse gathering that includes true crime enthusiasts and aspiring students delving into forensic psychology. Every Wednesday, anticipate fresh perspectives, captivating stories, and profound insights into the depths of the human mind’s darkness.