Dana R. Anderson, PsyD
Licenses: CA PSY33167, NV PY1101, PSYPACT 14010

Forensic Psychologist


At the helm of California Forensic Psychology, Dr. Anderson, our esteemed CEO and founder, is a beacon of knowledge and expertise in forensic psychology. Her invaluable contributions span a wide range of specialized services including forensic assessments of some of the most complex criminal cases, offering insight into the minds of dangerous offenders. With a focus on risk assessments, crisis intervention, and critical incident debriefings, Dr. Anderson’s work is crucial in the aftermath of violent crimes such as homicides, suicides, and sexual assaults. Her expertise is sought after in high-profile cases across the major cities from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, marking her as a distinguished consultant in the realm of forensic psychology.

Dr. Anderson is contracted with numerous government entities, including the California Superior Court in Shasta County’s Criminal Division, various County Criminal Divisions, Health and Human Services, the Department of Probation, and the Public Defender’s office. 

Beyond her direct contributions to forensic psychology, Dr. Anderson captivates audiences as the dynamic host of the Killer Psychologist Podcast. Her ability to demystify the complexities of human behavior and the intricacies of the legal system educates and engages the public on platforms far beyond the traditional. Her dedication to the field transcends borders. While being based in California, Dr. Anderson’s expertise is nationally recognized with licenses in Nevada and California and a PSYPACT license allowing psychological services in over 40 PSYPACT states.

Dr. Anderson’s commitment to the future of forensic psychology shines through her mentorship of emerging students in the field. By training the next generation, she ensures the continuation of excellence and passion within forensic psychology. Recognized as a leading figure, Dr. Anderson’s work not only contributes to the social good but also cements her legacy in the forensic psychology landscape.

Craig Wetterer, PhD, JD, MSCP

Expert Witness, Attorney, Supervisor

Dr. Wetterer has a robust background, not only a psychologist, licensed attorney, and professor, but as a retired law enforcement officer. Dr. Wetterer brings a wealth of experience as a senior expert witness and a contributor to the Killer Psychologist Podcast show. Dr. Wetterer is duly licensed in Nevada, California & all PSYPACT states.

CA #Psy29037 NV #PY0899

Kristina Disney, PhD, CCHP-MH

Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Disney is licensed in NC and FL and offers psychological evaluations in all PSYPACT states. Dr. Disney has 15 years’ experience across clinical & forensic settings, specializing in forensic assessments, expert witness testimony, and prison-based interventions, including suicide prevention and trauma-informed care.
NC #6159 PY#8733

Alexis M. Arceo, MA

Report Editor & Immigration Intake

Alexis earned a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt University and has a passion for editing psychological reports. She spearheads Immigration evaluation reports by providing research for Country of Origin and assists the team with streamlining the report process, which may include compiling criminal and medical records.


Jillian Lakey, MS

Psychology Intern, Practicum Student

Jillian is a 3rd year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Alliant International University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in education from the UC Davis. Jillian has been gaining clinical assessment experience at a Veterans inpatient psychiatric setting. She is seeking forensic assessment experience.

Mia Root, MS

Psychology Intern, Practicum Student

Mia is a 3rd year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Alliant International University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology and has a passion for forensic psychology. Her background experience includes working with juveniles on probation.

Julia Yousif, MS

Psychology Intern, Practicum Student

Julia is a 3rd year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Alliant International University in Sacramento. She is passionate about how mental health and the legal system intersect and is gaining clinical forensic assessment experience.


Abigail Cauthon

Social Media Manager

Abby manages social media content and podcast production, including guest bookings, collaboration and brand deals for Killer Psychologist. As a brand manager, she leads design ads and marketing for PsychologyDR.